In case you missed them, here are two FOX TV spots about Trustus Theatre's awesome production of Swing '39, one with the director and cast and one with yours truly.  Be sure to get your tickets while they're hot, it's really something special.
The Trustus Theatre production of Swing '39 is just around the corner.  Get all the details on Broadwayworld and check out the photos on facebook.
It’s East Harlem in 1939, and eighteen-year-old Maggie is beloved by her neighborhood and bored by its romantic prospects. So when she finds herself embroiled with the King of Swing himself, Benny Goodman, she ignores all complications and focuses on Goodman’s enigmatic personality and promise of escape. Benny can give Maggie everything she desires, but will his dark side prove poisonous? And if so, will she be strong enough to leave him and his kingdom behind forever? Plunge into the intoxicating world of 1930’s New York in this exploration of the haves and have-nots, the wounded and the nurturing.

In anticipation of the upcoming production at South Carolina's world-famous Trustus Theatre, a reading of Swing '39 will be held at Theaterlab in New York City on July 14th at 7 pm.

We would love it if you could join us for this very swinging evening of theatre.

Please e-mail me to reserve a seat.

Featuring Tara Bast, Dean Imperial, Joya Mia Italiano, Gordon Landenberger, Aaron Matteson, Emma Wiseman, and Emily Zemba. 

Stage Directions: Carolyn Gilliam
Directed by Retta Leaphart​p?show_id=6
Last night, Listen, Kid! took to the stage at the Magnet for Inspirado, the world's only improv challenge.  We defeated current champs Junior Varsity, who had an amazing show with a tough challenge.  Read all about it and be sure to check us out next week as we defend out title against Trike!
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